Crossing the Group


JIZAI Body Implementation Group
Based on the principles of human body and behaviors, this group will work on the development of a mechanical hardware and VR environments for the JIZAI body system. The group will integrate various techniques such as robotics, machine learning, wearable technologies, and telexistence to develop technologies for body editing. In addition, the group will be in charge of setting up appropriate environments for the verification and social implementation of the developed systems.


System Intelligence and Neural Mechanisms Group
This group will focus on the verification of users behavior and psychology when interacting with a JIZAI body. The group will perform both small-scale experiments in laboratories and large-scale verifications in the real society with a virtual environment. Findings on the psychological responses and explicit and implicit changes of users behavior will be analyzed with other groups for further improvement of the JIZAI body system.


Cognitive Psychology and Behavior Analysis Group
This group will work on optimizing the interaction between humans and the JIZAI body system. The group will use brain imaging and machine learning techniques to understand the neural plasticity associated with the embodiment of a JIZAI body by a human. It will use robotics and machine learning techniques to improve the intelligence of the JIZAI body in order to enable intuitive and efficient assistance of humans.


Virtual Body Implementation Group
This group will develop fundamental technologies for JIZAI body manipulation in virtual environments and measure body information of multiple users in physical environments. It will enable us to manipulate the shared body in the virtual environment.


JIZAI Body Marketing Research Group
Through case studies and market researches based on fieldwork, this group will investigate the social significance of JIZAI body. Our research is aimed at clarifying the requirements and the potential for social implementation.