Design and development of 6 DoFs detachable robotic head utilizing differential gear mechanism to imitate human head-waist motion


This paper proposed a design of a detachable robotic head that can imitate human motion. the mechanical design of the detachable robotic head is split into three parts: neck, waist, and detachable mechanism. The differential gear mechanism is used to develop the motion range of the proposed design. the evaluation result suggested the proposed design can imitate human head motion.


First, the range of motion shows that the proposed design can guarantee human motion. Secondly, the frequency response test shows that the proposed design can handle the headshaking motion at 1.5 Hz on horizontal and 2 Hz on vertical. Also, the maximum latency between the user and the robot is 25 ms. Finally, the angular error between the user and the robot is less than 1.6 degrees, and this suggested the design can imitate human head motion without feeling dislocated.


Future work will improve the structure’s stiffness, gear ratio value, height variation of different users and observe the proposed system’s functionality in the actual remote environment to support the co-presence and multi-presence tasks. After that, the user study will be conducted. When the robot head is attached/detached and placed in a different location, the change of embodiment will be studied in the following research.
Vitvasin Vimolmongkolporn; Fumihiro Kato; Takumi Handa; Yukiko Iwasaki; Hiroyasu Iwata
2022 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration (SII), pp. 467-472, 9-12 Jan. 2022