Experiment Assisting System with Local Augmented Body (EASY-LAB) for Subject Experiments under the COVID-19 Pandemic


Experiments that require a research participant are difficult to be conducted when the experimenter and participant are not allowed to work together in the same space. In some cases, precise instructions to the participant given vocally are not sufficient to relay the experimenter’s intention. A certain example is during the COVID-19 pandemic, these active observations and physical interventions are difficult, because the experimenter and the participant are not allowed in the same place. Therefore, we aim to develop a new system that enables the experimenter to observe and physically intervene with the participant as if the experimenter was beside him.


The system achieved satisfying results of being affordable (641 USD) and easy setup (101 s). It received higher subjective ratings than conventional video chat instruction. The main contribution of this work is to propose the simple and low cost prototype for resuming subject experiments from remote place under the COVID-19 pandemic


Develop the haptic controller as simple configuration as possible. For example, we try to produce the sense of tightening or texture by small tactile modules. Also, we intend to prepare further dissemination of the system by developing a small 6 DOF robot arm that can mount a personal smartphone or other devices to replace the current camera and release an application that can be installed to it.
Yukiko Iwasaki; Ahmed Alsereidi; Joi Oh; Takumi Handa; Vitvasin Vimolmongkolporn; Fumihiro Kato; Hiroyasu Iwata SIGGRAPH '21: ACM SIGGRAPH 2021 Emerging TechnologiesAugust 2021 Article No.: 11Pages 1–4https://doi.org/10.1145/3450550.3465345